About Me

Formerly a Nursing Assistant for about four years.  Wanted to always be a doctor; however, my passion for health & wellness led me to pursue my calling as a Board Certified and Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist as well as a Certified Reflexologist.  I incorporate integrated modalities to customize individual health needs.

My background:  Born & raised in Japan. Eastern education emphasizes wellness and prevention of sicknesses by staying active, consuming good nutrition & proper hydration, getting plenty of rest, and living a stress-less lifestyle.   

Being in the same profession since 1995, I continue to expand my knowledge in every "hands-on" educational opportunities.  In 2018, I earned a SPECIALTY DIPLOMA in Rehabilitative Clinical Massage by completing rigorous academy taught by Whitney Lowe, a world renowned authoritative therapist in musculoskeletal dysfunction & pain management.  His Advanced Orthopedic Massage Therapy training encompasses advanced education in anatomy, physiology, pathology, neuroscience of biomechanics, clinical assessment skill sets and clinical protocols for pain reduction & management. 

I am very dedicated to my full-time profession, specializing in Structural Realignment and applying Advanced Orthopedic/Medical Massage Therapy services to reduce pain/discomfort and increase quality health from the balance point.  Referred by "word of mouths," my work schedule is booked a year in advance.  New patients are welcomed, depending on availabilities.  Delivering distinguished, excellent services and sharing my professional knowledge to each patient are some of my passionate goals.  Very blessed and appreciative of every opportunity to help various individuals!

Thank you for reading my brief biography, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Haru C. Smith